2011: Haushofer’s Landscape Painting School

Between May 28 and July 15, 2011 an exhibition titled “Haushofer’s Landscape Painting School” took place at Kroupa Art Gallery to celebrate 200th anniversary of the birth of Maximilian Haushofer (1811–1866), a renowned professor of landscape painting at the Prague Academy between 1844 and 1866. His studio has brought up and influenced many students, leading individualities, many of whom have reached the peak of Czech landscape painting of the 19th century (Adolf Kosárek, Julius Mařák, Bedřich Havránek, Adolf Chvála, Hugo Ullik, Antonín Waldhauser and other excellent painters). The exhibition also highlighted the exceptional role of M. Haushofer in the development of Czech landscape painting towards the modern tendencies of 19th century, carried on by Julius Mařák twenty years ago.